The miracle story.  

On October 10, 2015, I dropped my friend off after celebrating her birthday and on my way home, a drunk driver hit me in my vehicle.

As his vehicle was coming towards me, my hands came off the wheel and I laid down across the seats of my car, just as his SUV drove straight at my driver’s side door.

I believe that was a miracle and that saved my life that night. If that would have not happened, I don't believe I would have survived the crash that night. 

I had 2 surgeries to repair the severely broken bones to my right arm, 8 weeks of not being able to work , 5 months to finally return back to work on a full time basis and 1 year of weekly physiotherapy appointments.

I avoided driving for months, terrified to relive that split-second moment when sheer force shattered my bones.

I had to re-teach my right arm and my dominant right hand how to do things as simple as making a fist, holding my tooth brush or gripping a pen…

That night, I became a drink driving statistic in New Zealand. 

Every week, at least 1 person is killed by someone who has been drinking too much or who has taken illegal drugs.

But I was never alone. I had friends, church network, my own family – all rallied around, supporting me as I walked the slow and painful road to recovery.

But on my road to recovery, No One Ever Stands Alone was born. I started NESA to raise awareness of the effects of drunk and drugged driving

-because no one should ever have to stand alone after being affected by this preventable act.

I believe we can save lives and end drunk and drugged driving for the generations in New Zealand. Join us and make a difference in Aotearoa!

Leah Abrams - CEO

*Photo courtesy of FAIRFAX NZ

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