My miracle story.  

On October 10, 2015, I dropped my friend off after celebrating her birthday and on my way home, a drunk driver hit me in my vehicle.

As his vehicle was coming towards me, my hands came off the wheel and I laid down across the seats of my car, just as his SUV drove straight at my driver’s side door.

I believe that was a miracle and that saved my life that night. If that would have not happened, I don't believe I would have survived the crash that night. 

I had 2 surgeries to repair the severely broken bones to my right arm, 8 weeks of not being able to work , 5 months to finally return back to work on a full time basis and 1 year of weekly physiotherapy appointments.

I avoided driving for months, terrified to relive that split-second moment when sheer force shattered my bones.

I had to re-teach my right arm and my dominant right hand how to do things as simple as making a fist, holding my tooth brush or gripping a pen…

That night, I became a drink driving statistic in New Zealand. 

Every week, at least 1 person is killed by someone who has been drinking too much or who has taken illegal drugs.

But I was never alone. I had friends, church network, my own family – all rallied around, supporting me as I walked the slow and painful road to recovery.

But on my road to recovery, No One Ever Stands Alone was born. I started NESA to raise awareness of the effects of drink and drugged driving and provide support to victims and thier families.

Because NO ONE should ever have to stand alone after being affected by this preventable act.

I believe we can save lives as we work to end drink and drugged driving for the generations in New Zealand. Join us and make a difference in Aotearoa!

Leah Abrams - CEO and founding trustee

*Photo courtesy of FAIRFAX NZ



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