Practical Assistance to Support You, a Family or Someone you Know

Our NESA Assistance programme provides free and practical support for people and families who have impacted by a vehicle road crash because of a drunk and drugged driver in New Zealand. We can provide several support options depending on the need and requirement/s. 


Receive a We Care Gift

If someone you know or even yourself is in the hospital or is recovering at home and are in need of a pick-me-up; a We Care gift pack can be either a beautiful flower bouquet or can be a grocery voucher or box of groceries or meals with a message of encouragement and support.

Request a We Care gift today or email us at 

Grief and Trauma Support

At times, we all can need help and information about how to deal with our feelings of grief and trauma. We can send a pack that provides information and coping support or put you in touch with someone who can help you.

Hospital Visits

It can be lonely being in a hospital recovering and having someone visit and spend time checking in on someones progress, may just be what the person needs. 

A Listening Ear

Speaking to someone who has gone through a similar situation is sometimes so helpful. Being able to speak to someone on the phone or Zoom can make all the difference.

Transportation Costs - Court Related 

Attending court appearances can be costly when there are transportation, petrol and/or parking costs especially when there are several court dates. We can consider providing reimbursement for court related transportation costs that are not covered by ACC or Victim Support NZ.

Contact us and we will do our best to work with you or your family to determine what support makes sense based upon the situation and location.

*Note: Our Assistance Programme is available for anyone directly affected by a vehicle crash incident by a drunk or drugged driver in New Zealand only. 

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