There is a Solution to Drunk Driving

In the city or the country, the heartland or the coast – wherever you are in New Zealand, we need to change how we’re driving. When we get behind the wheel, the only safe limit for alcohol or drugs is ZERO.


The solution is as simple as not driving when you’ve had alcohol or drugs. And with so many transport options today – driving sober is an easy option! 

Plan ahead:

  • Leave your car keys at home.
  • Assign a designated driver before you go out. Take turns with this important role!
  • Arrange to stay at a friends’ place for the night – they might even make you pancakes in the morning.  
  • Use public transport.
  • Take a Zoomy, taxi or an Uber. 
  • Be READY to be brave with your friends. Tell them when you think they’ve had enough to drink and/or take their keys away from them if they are unsafe to drive.

Be a host with the most

Host responsibility is something we should all do when planning a party, a sporting game or event. Whether it is having people over for a party or celebration, watching a game or after work drinks in the office. And fortunately for a nation of foodies – preparing food is something we’re good at, so let’s relish the role and do it well!

  • Provide lots of food throughout the event. Foods like chips and nuts increase thirst so have other kinds of finger food that are sustaining.
  • Ensure that there are non- alcoholic drinks available, like juices, soft drinks or ‘mocktails.’
  • Keep an eye on your guests and if someone looks like they’ve had too much to drink, give them some food and an alternative to alcohol.
  • Never serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 years old.
  • If someone is drinking too much, find another way to get them home so they are not getting into their vehicle. Remember they don’t have to be falling over to be unsafe to drive.
  • If the event is in your home, be prepared that some guests may need to stay overnight.
  • For work do’s, provide rides home, either a taxi or uber ask someone to be the sober driver for the evening. Give sober drivers petrol vouchers, and taxi chits to those who have been drinking. Make sure sober drivers have their full licence.
  • For sports events, serve non-alcoholic drinks and provide water and food to both players and spectators.

Teenage parties

If you’re having a party at your house or venue, you are responsible. If the guests are under 18, don’t give them with alcohol unless they are supervised by a parent – and you know they are not driving.

  • Have an agreed number of guests that you can confidently look after.
  • Print an invitation list and check people off – talk to your teenager about not using social media sites to invite friends.
  • Have an agreed finish time and make sure your teenager makes guests aware beforehand.
  • Serve plenty of food! Remember how much your young person eats and multiply it by a lot.
  • Provide plenty of soft drinks or juice.
  • Provide a sober driver option, either taxis or Uber.
  • If your young person is going to a party, ask them who will be there and talk about adult supervision, alcohol, and their plan for getting home. 

Even if it means dashing out in your slippers at 3am, picking up your young person is always best for their safety and your peace of mind.

Sports events

Whether you’re going to a sports game or taking part, there are lots of ways to celebrate that don’t involve drinking. After the game, being a sober driver is the most important position on the team.

Drive Sober and drug free and we will all get home safely.



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