Impacted by a Drunk or Drugged Vehicle Road Crash?

When a vehicle road crash happens; the impact can be traumatic, shocking and/or even devastating in people's lives. When this happens to you, your family or someone you know; it can turn lives upside down. We may not even know what to do or what specific help that we need from others.

NESA is here to help. We are not only volunteers; but we are also survivors. We understand the trauma and distress that comes as the result of a drunk or drugged driver vehicle crash.  Some of us have gone through a vehicle road crash, lost a loved one or we can find people who can provide the correct help and victim support.  

Whatever is going on, No one should go through the recovery process alone.   

Our assistance is free and available to anyone impacted by a vehicle crash by a drunk or drugged driver.  

Contact us to be connected with our NESA team.

Other organisations and resources

If you, your family or someone you know needs help or assistance; there are other organisations in New Zealand that can provide support to you or a friend or family member: 



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