We have big goals and ambitious dreams to save lives and end drink and drugged driving in our nation. And together it can happen, with people just like you. With your help, we can raise the awareness and education of the effects of drink and drugged driving and at the same time show love to people suffering so that no one ever stands alone. 

You can be part of the solution to save lives and end drink and drugged driving for the future generations in New Zealand.

Be a NESA Ambassador

Promote sober and drug free driving

Be a NESA Ambassador  - Promote sober and drug free driving

Ways You can Volunteer

Whether you want to volunteer once a month or a few times a year; we have room for you. We will work with you to make sure you get something pretty awesome from being a volunteer, that you will meet some great new people,find out about yourself and believe that you can bring a unique perspective to our mission.  We do pledge to you to not waste your time because your time is valuable and we want to make sure that you feel as though your time was spent wisely and that you are part of the team.

Join our NESA Ambassador Programme 

 As a trusted partner with the NZ Police in road safety, you can become one of our NESA ambassadors and attend anti-drunk driving checkpoints with the NZ Police and reward drivers and passengers who drive sober.  Its a fun and great way to grow your volunteer skills, work with the NZ Police, learn more about road safety and overall make a difference in your city. Being an ambassador gives you opportunities to work with other like minded people, make new friends and even be rewarded with homemade baking from time to time too!

And don't worry we will give you plenty of training and we supply you with the gear so that you feel comfortable and safe at the checkpoints with all of us. Its a team effort and we have team leaders at all our checkpoints to help and support you. 

A Ministry of Justice criminal background check is required for this role.

Volunteer and use your Skills

If you have other skills and experience, you can: 

  • Become a trustee or advisor trustee on our Board
  • Assist us with fundraising for us or event planning
  • Invite us to your community or corporate group to educate people on the effects of drink and drugged driving.


We are looking to develop corporate relationships with like minded companies and businesses to save lives and end drink and drugged driving. Lets work to play to your business goals and responsibilities, so if you or your business are interested in exploring a mutually beneficial relationship with NESA, please contact us.

We are thankful for our partnership with the Flower Station 

"We support NESA because of the caring philosophy behind the organisation. Unfortunately the first couple of days after a crash the victims are usually forgotten, most of them have to make enormous adjustments to their way of life. For those families who lose a loved one NESA can offer them comfort and flowers to demonstrate they are not forgotten. Flower Station loves to support NESA."
Dale Pearce, Flower Station, Auckland. 



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