Providing Practical Assistance to support you, your family or friends

The NESA Victim Assistance programme provides free and practical support for people and families affected by a vehichel crash because of a drunk and drugged driver in New Zealand. We help people with practical support depending on the need. 

Our programme is nationwide in New Zealand and we can help you the following:
Someone to listen to you, talk with you, or connect you with other charities and/or support services in New Zealand who can provide you with professional support. We ca connect you with a counselling service, send a grief, trauma or Childs grief pack to you from BRAKE New Zealand.

We can also provide short term support with food gift vouchers, transportation contribution for court appearances or even hospital visits(if suitable). Our team work with you  to determine what support makes sense based upon your situation. 

Email us to be connected with our team so that we can find out some information about your situation and need and that will help us to work with you.

Our Victim Assistance Programme is available for anyone directly affected by a vehicle crash incident, and this includes family members and friends. 

Our team is here to help you, your family or friends know that you are not alone.


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