When you or a family member becomes a victim of a drink or drugged driving crash, it shakes your world as you know it. This crime affects many areas of your life and your family's. It can feel overwhelming, scary and be very traumatic.

At NESA, we are not just employees, we are survivors. We understand the distress that comes as the result of a drink  or drugged driver crime and we want you to know that you are not alone. 

Contact us for a We Care Gift

We are here to let you or your loved ones, friends or co-workers know that no one ever stands alone during this difficult season. Contact us and we will send a free gift filled with love and kindness to let you or your loved one know that you/they are loved and cared about.

Our goal is that every victim or family member in New Zealand recieves a We Care gift. 

Other Assistance

If you want to speak to someone, our team of compassionate and caring volunteers are just a phone call away!

We can try and provide you with the following additional assistance:

  • A hospital visit (if/when  appropriate)
  • Support through the ACC process and court process
  • Connect you or your family with other survivors
  • A listening ear during your recovery

There are a variety of key resources and organisations in New Zealand to help you or your family during this time:

Its important to ask for help from either the people around your or your family members and close friends. 

Regardless if you think you are ok, it is important to consider reaching out and talk with someone to help you process, recover and heal from the crime that has affected you and your family.